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Success, motivation, and compassion. When you come to us, we invest in your health. Lesniak Chiropractic is conveniently located along the picturesque canal in North Tonawanda. Located right along miles of safe, well-lit running trails extending as far as Niagara Falls, Buffalo, Lackawanna, and Amherst. The once is located in walking distance of many prominent shops, theaters, and dining locations.
As the leading Chiropractors in North Tonawanda Dr. Jennifer Lesniak strives to provide the best possible care available. Lesniak Chiropractic uses a multitude of techniques that are beneficial for treating low back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, disc herniations, spinal fusion, sciatica, rotator cuff injuries, whiplash, inpingement syndromes, pregnancy, and spinal stenosis among many others.
Tired of the Rack'em Crack'em onces where you feel like you are just being pushed through the once to collect your co-pay? At Lesniak Chiropractic we provide real healthcare, serving North Tonawanda, Amherst, and all other areas. We use tried and true methods, techniques, and practices that will help you get where you need to be. When you come to our once you are not only getting a Doctor, you are getting an investor. We invest you and your health, at Lesniak Chiropractic we approach health care differently than many other places our visits typically take twice as long as an appointment at most other chiropractors.
Why wait until you are sick and diseased to take care of what is going on with your body? Lesniak Chiropractic takes a proactive approach where we help patients in all aspects of their lives as they become ready, this allows them to become healthier play with their children and grandchildren, move pain free, takes long walks, wake up without tight and achy muscles, or even run a marathon! Come see what the future of health care is in North Tonawanda at Lesniak Chiropractic. Our once handles many diseases, conditions, injuries, and sports related issues on a regular basis. If you are not sure we can help you, call us at 716-694-2225 we promise that if cannot help you we will find someone who can.

Best of Health,
Dr. Jennifer Lesniak

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Jennifer Lesniak


Dr. Jennifer Lesniak makes up one half of the husband and wife team that is Lesniak Chiropractic. Dr. Jennifer is a 2009 graduate of New York Chiropractic College where she graduated with Honors. Dr. Jennifer also received her Master of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition from NYCC in 2009. Dr. Jennifer is a life long athlete, she competed in gymnastics for 12 years and coached for over a year before enrolling at the University of Buffalo where she received a B.S. Exercise Science 2006. During her time at UB she became a certified Health and Fitness Specialist through the American College of Sports Medicine. Dr. Jennifer continued her athletic endeavors by completing her first frill marathon in 2006. Dr. Jennifer has since gone on to complete five other full marathons and one 50 mile ultramarathon. Dr. Jennifer is currently a certified Graston provider and is working toward her certifications in ART (Active Release Therapy) and Webster Technique. Dr. Jennifer is planning on running multiple marathons this upcoming including New York, Chicago, and the Marine Corps Marathon. Dr. Jennifer will be utilizing her knowledge base of chiropractic along with nutrition and exercise in order to maximize the effectiveness of her care. In her free time, Dr. Jennifer enjoys working out, running, cooking with her husband, and playing with her dog Bailey.


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