Sara Schultz
Jennifer is very professional and personable practitioner. She is always interested in my concerns and go overboard to provide me with great healthcare, spine-care and general information. I highly recommend her as your chiropractor, personal trainer or nutrition counselor.

My experience with Jennifer has been excellent. I wanted to hire a personal trainer and what I got was a full-service health care coach. From training to nutrition to chiropractic services, Jennifer has thoughtfully helped me chart a course for personal of my health. I am down 38 pounds and have more range of mobility than I have had in 20 years!

Charles Shaw
I have worked with Dr. Jennifer Lesniak on several occasions. You will be hard pressed to find a chiropractor / nutritionist / fitness instructor with more knowledge and more passion for their patients than Dr. Jennifer Lesniak. She is firmly committed to patient results and strives to help everyone reach their fullest health potential whether you are injured or looking to what you feel is good. I have consulted with and been treated by Dr. Jennifer Lesniak on a number of occasions and been more than satisfied with my results. It is without hesitation that I recommend Dr. Jennifer Lesniak, she is one of the best anyone could hope to work with!

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