Chiropractic, as it is named today, began in 1895 and was discovered/invented by DD Palmer who helped a janitor regain his hearing after delivering an adjustment. However, Hippocrates first introduced manual medicine in the 400's BC. Chiropractic bases its ability to heal and affect the human body based on the knowledge that the nervous system controls every aspect of the human body including the ability to heal itself.

Any information from the outside world—sight, sound, touch, pain, infection, etc.—is sent to the brain through nerves that travel throughout the body. In turn the body will send a corresponding signal to counter that input. Looking away, covering our ears, grabbing hold, moving our hand off the hot stove, mounting an attack on the invading microbes. The healthy function of our nervous system is what allows our body to carry out these and many other tasks that we are unaware of flawlessly throughout our lives.

How can you tell if your nervous system is functioning properly? All of the following can be attributed to improper nervous system function; headaches, sneezing, coughing, asthma, sinus infection, hiccups, bloating, cramping, loose stool, constipation, very odorous stool, excessive urination, numbness, tingling, depression, muscular pain, inflammation, etc. All of the previous are possibly an expression nervous system function. It is to note the highlight A is just a representation of an underlying dysfunction within the body. It is not a disease or disease process it is merely the expression of the disease process in a manner that can be detected. Most medications suppress and do not cure anything, so the disease process is still manifesting itself while the symptom is just no longer present. The way chiropractic fits into this is very simple. A chiropractic adjustment serves to affect the nervous system in a way that will optimize the function of the nervous system allowing it to better receive messages from the outside world and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the messages sent from the brain to the rest of the body. It will also enhance movement within the spine allowing for better function of the joints throughout the body. This will in turn allow the body to optimally battle any infections, heal faster, breathe easier, think clearer, see better, and function at a higher level all around.

It is to remember that the chiropractic adjustment is one part of a greater picture that will allow all of these wonderful things to happen. First and foremost is nutrition. What you put into your mouth will dictate many things in regard to body function. Second is exercise; movement is life. Without good movement we will succumb to injury and disease it is along the same concept of chiropractic ensuring good movement will optimize the function of the body. The third concept is rest. Proper sleep and rest is what allows the body to heal. If you do not get adequate sleep you will not make as good decisions, your reaction time will be slowed, and you will begin a habit that involves increased caffeine, increased fatty and salty foods. The fourth concept is stress. Stress management is something that many people do not have; they let it happen and do not deal with it. Stress will negatively our hormones altering many of the body’s normal functions.

The fifth part of this equation is the proper nervous system health which is addressed through chiropractic care. This is the new health paradigm that will work to keep you healthy and disease free, not just free. You do not just come in and get an adjustment and expect it to work its "magic." There is a required effort from the patient as well to hold up their four parts of the equation.

Now let's be a little more physical

When an adjustment or an impulse is put through a joint what happens and what is the large noise that people are afraid of? First the noise; the noise is the escaping of gas through the joint, it is also known as a cavitation. It is a release of pressure from the synovial joints, it can occur in any area where there are synovial joints in the body, it is like when someone cracks their knuckles.

At a mechanical level you are putting a joint through its full range of motion that will allow for frill range of motion through that specific joint complex. This will allow proper movement of the spine. This will directly effect degenerative joint disease, disc herniations, facet imbrication, canal stenosis, cervicogenic headaches, hypomobility, and sciatica. This will also alter your mechanics though out your body, it will allow muscles that have been inappropriately shortened through lack of movement to lengthen and stretch. This will also allow for the joints to begin to move properly as well.

If the mechanics of one part of the body are altered any way shape or form it will alter the mechanics through the body in many different ways and will bring up many pain patterns that many people will not recognize as originating from another part of the body. As an ex—e; a person has low back pain and finds that leaning forward relieves their back pain. By leaning forward in the low back this causes a hunching forward at the shoulders and the head. This will further a forward head carriage someone sticking their neck out). This posture will in turn cause shortening of the suboccipital muscles that are found at the base of the skull as well as the scalenes which are found on the front of the neck above the collarbone. This increase in tension will lead to tension headaches and then they will come saying that they have headaches and never bring up the low back pain because they do not see a relation between the two problems when there is a direct correlation between the two problems.

The adjustment will allow for proper range of motion of the joints, this will also require the need to reeducate the muscles through exercise that will activate muscles that have not been functioning properly to ensure that this increase in motion will be sustained over a long period enhancing overall function. This information is provided to make sure you are aware of your treatment, what is expected of you, and what can happen with your frill participation. Remember this is your health, we are just providing the tools for your success.